Dementia Village


Photo credit: Be Advice | The Hogeweyk | Vivium zorggroep

blueBell Village is working to be Alberta’s first and only “dementia village.” This unique residential community concept has been proven both internationally and within Canada. Please contact us if you would like more information, to partner up, or if you have a loved one who would like to reside in blueBell Village.

Your loved one’s Dementia Village

blueBell Village in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is an innovative and compassionate solution for individuals living with dementia. blueBell Village offers a distinct approach that provides a different level of care compared to the traditional institutionalized and family care options by prioritizing the restoration of personhood and independence.

Unlike traditional institutionalized care, blueBell Village creates a warm and homelike environment, providing residents with a sense of belonging and familiarity. The village is designed to resemble a real community, complete with cottages, communal spaces, and outdoor areas. This intentional setting allows individuals with dementia to maintain a sense of autonomy and freedom, as they are encouraged to participate in various daily activities while being supported by a dedicated and trained staff. By creating an environment that mirrors a true community, blueBell Village fosters a sense of normalcy, reducing the institutional barriers often associated with traditional care facilities.

Family care can be emotionally and physically demanding; blueBell Village understands the unique challenges faced by those living with dementia and provides tailored services to meet their needs. The village’s staff members are trained in dementia care and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure the well-being and safety of residents. Through personalized care plans, individuals with dementia receive assistance with activities of daily living, cognitive stimulation, and engagement in meaningful social interactions. blueBell Village acts as a dedicated partner, offering comprehensive support that empowers individuals with dementia to lead fulfilling lives.

In essence, blueBell Village stands out as an important consideration for those living with dementia. Our commitment to restoring personhood and independence, regardless of the type of dementia, sets us apart from traditional institutionalized care and family-based solutions. By embracing a community-based approach and delivering specialized care, blueBell Village offers residents the opportunity to thrive, fostering a sense of purpose, dignity, and connection in their daily lives.

Dementia Village Origins

Dementia villages originated in the Netherlands in the 1990s, with the creation of the first dementia village, De Hogeweyk. This community was designed to provide a more home-like environment for people with dementia, with small-scale houses, shared community spaces, and familiar amenities such as a grocery store, restaurant, and hair salon.

The goal of De Hogeweyk was to create a supportive environment that would enable people with dementia to maintain their independence and quality of life, while also providing specialized care and supervision as needed. The community was designed to be safe and secure, with features such as enclosed courtyards, sensor technology, and trained staff available 24/7.

Since the creation of De Hogeweyk, the dementia village model has been replicated in various countries around the world, including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, France and the US. These communities typically have a similar design and philosophy, focused on providing a safe and supportive environment for people with dementia while also promoting socialization, engagement, and independence.

Overall, the origin of dementia villages can be traced back to the need for alternative care models for people with dementia, beyond traditional nursing homes or hospitals. The success of De Hogeweyk and other similar communities has demonstrated the potential benefits of this model of care for people with dementia and their families and has led to increased interest and investment in dementia-friendly communities around the world.