Revolutionary Dementia Care in Alberta’s Capital Region

blueBell Village exists to be a catalyst for change in the dementia care space. We know that families are looking for support to care for their loved ones, and we desire to be that organization. Through a combination of unique initiatives, blueBell Village is your one-stop support provider for your loved ones with dementia or other cognitive impairments. 


Restoring the personhood and independence of those living with dementia


Welcome to blueBell Village, your steadfast companion on the dementia care journey.

Whether you’re exploring our long-term planned dementia village, utilizing the tech-driven assistance of our blueBell Connect tool, or anticipating our upcoming projects, we’re here to walk alongside you.

Our commitment extends to every phase of your unique journey, providing unwavering support, compassion, and innovative solutions.

Together, we navigate the path towards comprehensive and compassionate dementia care.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements to enrich your blueBell Village experience further.

Your journey is our journey, and our team is honoured to be by your side through it all!


What We Believe

Dementia is not a punishment, nor is it a life sentence. It is an opportunity to do the things you love in a different way. 

Mission: To provide the best quality of life to those living with dementia

Vision: Restoring the personhood and independence of those living with dementia



Want to learn more?

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